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Archives : November 2014

Cooking without gluten and diary products. | Comments: 0

I have very good friends who cannot eat either gluten or diary products. So when I invited them at home I had to find ways of cooking without these products. Some other relatives found that avoiding gluten improves joints and reduces rheumatisms.

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Working offshore long time ago | Comments: 0

Before my current company I was working offshore for Total oil company. Here are a few pictures. This is the picture of one of offshore rig I was working on. It was taken in the Suez gulf and the grey shade just above the sea horizon is the Sinai.

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Places I have been around the world | Comments: 0

I pointed all of the places I have been to in TripAdvisor. Here is the map:

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Bismuth crystals | Comments: 0

I was using Bismuth for its diamagnetic properties, but since I found the pyrolytic carbon I was left with a few pounds of Bismuth . So I decided to use it for another nice property of Bismuth which is its crystallization that builds structures

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Simple diamagnetic levitation with pyrolytic carbon | Comments: 0

Here are the details on the small device I created to achieve levitation of a small magnet using pyrolytic carbon. The explanation is located here on supermagnete with the links to the magnets I bought the pyrolytic carbon from both a UK site

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Van de Graaf Generator | Comments: 0

Here are some details on my Van De Graaf generator: It was built with a bench grinder engine with a Teflon bottom and Nylon top pulley. The ball is a garden stainless steel gazing ball and the belt is made of rubber. Here is the source 3D image for

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Welcome to my personal blog | Comments: 0

Hello readers, in this blog I will discuss my hobbies which are innovations related to physics, chemistry and cooking. As examples I have built my Van de Graaf generator, create Bismuth Crystals, created diamagnetic levitation device using pyrolytic

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