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My HDD Watch made by a colleague

I just acquired this HDD watch made by colleague whose hobby is watchmaking. He recycles on 4GB HDD microdrives into watches with a nice geek strap looking like a printed circuit board. Here is his web site. You can see more of his watches on this indiegogo site. Since the indiegogo project is completed if you want to order send a mail to

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Last update: Tuesday, May 31 2016


Bismuth crystals

I was using Bismuth for its diamagnetic properties, but since I found the pyrolytic carbon I was left with a few pounds of Bismuth . So I decided to use it for another nice property of Bismuth which is its crystallization that builds structures

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Simple diamagnetic levitation with pyrolytic carbon

Here are the details on the small device I created to achieve levitation of a small magnet using pyrolytic carbon. The explanation is located here on supermagnete with the links to the magnets I bought the pyrolytic carbon from both a UK site

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High Voltage

Van de Graaf Generator

Here are some details on my Van De Graaf generator: It was built with a bench grinder engine with a Teflon bottom and Nylon top pulley. The ball is a garden stainless steel gazing ball and the belt is made of rubber. Here is the source 3D image for

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Welcome to my personal blog

Hello readers, in this blog I will discuss my hobbies which are innovations related to physics, chemistry and cooking. As examples I have built my Van de Graaf generator, create Bismuth Crystals, created diamagnetic levitation device using pyrolytic

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Places I have been around the world

I pointed all of the places I have been to in TripAdvisor. Here is the map:

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Working offshore long time ago

Before my current company I was working offshore for Total oil company. Here are a few pictures. This is the picture of one of offshore rig I was working on. It was taken in the Suez gulf and the grey shade just above the sea horizon is the Sinai.

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Molten center chocolate cake (with gluten free and diary free variant).

Ingredients for 8 persons (6 persons if large molds) 7 Oz. dark cooking chocolate (200 g.) 6.5 Oz. Cocoa Butter (same weight if you prefer diary butter) (190 g.) 5 large egg yolks 4 large full eggs 2/3 cup sugar (130 g.) 1/2 cup rice flour (or 2/3

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My 100KV voltage multiplier

I just created a 100KV voltage multiplier. I bought from Conrad a mosquito zapper UV Mo-el Cricri 369 and extracted the 5KV transformer (removing diodes and capacitors), I also acquired from Aliexpress 20 capacitors 103M 20KV, and microwave diodes

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